How To Delete Gmail Account On Android Phone Permanently

Gmail is part of one of the main services of Google. Almost 1 billion people use Gmail in daily use. It has more then 1B+ active users. so let’s talk about how to delete Gmail account on Android. maybe you got a new phone or you are tired with spam emails. you finally decided to delete Gmail account on your phone. there is no big task t0o delete Gmail account permanently in your android phone. just follow my step by step guide so you can successfully delete Gmail account.

How to delete Gmail account in android phone

For deleting Gmail account on your Android device. Just follow my simple process. But keep in mind after deleting Gmail account. you will lose many services of Google. You can not watch youtube videos without having a Gmail account. also, you can not use google play music, google books etc. You will lose all your data linked to your Gmail account. all the messages will be deleted for forever u  cannot read them again unless you have taken any backup.

Things you need to know

There are serval things you need to know before deleting Gmail account in your android device.

  • many people got confused between deleting and removing Gmail account. deleting and removing Gmail account both are different things. after deleting Gmail account you will lose all your data. it will be completely wiped out and cannot be undone. and if you want to remove Gmail account from a certain phone your data will remain the same. removing Gmail account will not wipe any data your data will be safe.
  • many people ask if they can delete Gmail account without the password. my answer is: you can not delete Gmail account permanently without password.
  • after deleting Gmail account from the phone. you will be no longer able to receive any mail from anyone.

How to delete Gmail account permanently

let’s start the process of deleting Gmail account on your device. just follow my simple steps.

step 1) Open Gmail app in your android phone and select email address. you want to delete by sliding right. now scroll a bit and click on the gear icon.

how to delete gmail account on android

Step 2)  . Now click on manage your Google account option as shown in the below screenshot.

how to delete gmail account in android phone

Step3 ) now you will see many options on your phone display. just click on “Data & personalisation“.

Step4 ) Now scroll down and click on “Delete a service or your account“.

how to delete gmail account permanently in android phone

Step5 ) Now on next window. You will get many options.  you have to click on “Delete your google account“.

how to delete gmail account permanently without password

Step6 ) Now enter your password and hit Next button.

Step7 ) now this is the important step. if you want to take a backup of your data you can download it by clicking on “download data”. it could be your last chance to take a backup of your data. you can not take a backup after deleting your Gmail account.

how to delete gmail account from phone

Step8 ) Scroll down and click on “Delete Account“. That’s It.

how to delete gmail account android

So that was the complete guide on how to delete Gmail account permanently in android phone. I hope you liked it. if you are still facing any issue you can comment below or you can send me a message with your issues.


Deleting Gmail account on your phone is not a big task. but still, it’s much complicated so we have decided to come up with a proper guide on how to delete Gmail account on Android. we hope after going through our guide you successfully deleted your Gmail account without facing any issue. now you are free to use any email service. please share our article if you liked it.


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