How To Delete Gmail Account permanently In 2020

Gmail is the most popular email provider in the world right now. A gmail account gives you to the access of all google services like Youtube, google play music, Google drive and many more. Millions of people use Gmail in daily use. Gmail help us to stay connected with other people as well as with important works too. So you finally decided to delete your Gmail account. maybe you don’t want to use Gmail service anymore or any other reason. let’s move forward there is no big task to delete Gmail account. it’s a very simple procedure you just need to follow my steps to perfectly delete your Gmail account permanently.

Before You Delete.

➢ Before you delete your Gmail account permanently keep in mind that. After deleting your Gmail account you will lose your all important emails and all data for forever. so if u have any important mail or data. I will advise you to take a backup elsewhere before deleting your Gmail account.


Things You Need To Know Before Deleting You Gmail Acoount

  1. If you use this account as a recovery account for another Gmail account. You will be no longer able to recover another Gmail account. hence, you can still use another Gmail account.
  2. Google account and Gmail account are not the same. You can delete your Gmail account. hence, you can still use Google services.
  3. You can not recover the password of the social media platforms linked to your Gmail account.
  4. Your all chats and data will be lost unless you have created a backup.
  5. People who mail on your old deleted account. The email will bounce back.
  6. If you have any smartphone linked to your google account. You will lose all contacts. as well as all the data backup you have taken using any data backup services.
  7. Any Subscription purchased from youtube, Google play music, google play movies will be gone.
  8. Nobody will be able to use your old Gmail username in the future (including you).
  9. After deleting your account you will be no longer able to receive or send and mail.

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Delete Gmail Account permanently

So let’s start the step by step guide on how to delete gmail account permanently.

1. Go to my google account setting.
2. After that select “Data & Personallsation“.


how to delete gmail account

3. Now Click on “Delete a service or your account“.

how to delete gmail account permanently

4. You will see a window as shown in the below screenshot. After that click on “Delete Your Google Account”

delete my gmail account now

5. It may asked for your password. fill the password and hit continue.

➢ Download Your google account data if you want. It may be your last chance to backup all your data. After that you will never ever able to get back your data.
delete gmail account
Click on “Download Your Data” For backup.

6. Now Just check the uncheck box and hit the delete account button.

delete my gmail account

7. This is it. Now you successfully deleted your gmail account.

So that was The complete step by step guide on how to Delete Gmail account permanently. If you are still facing any issue you can comment below we will come back with the proper solution. or you can watch the below video.